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Why Give?

An Investment That Yields Endless Dividends

We at Roselle Catholic rely heavily upon the generosity of our alumni, parents, alumni parents, and friends to support the mission of our school. Without a dependable, alternative stream of income, the school is heavily dependent on tuition and fees to cover annual operating costs. 

Currently, almost 82% of RC's operating costs are covered by tuition and student fees. Your contribution allows RC to keep tuition levels in line with what our community can afford. 

RC President Emeritus Dr. Robert Stickles '66 believes that what's at stake is the original mission of our school. “Roselle Catholic High School was founded to educate the children of hard working parents who were willing to sacrifice for the betterment of their children’s future by providing a value-based, Catholic educational experience,” he said. “we must do everything possible to ensure that an RC education remains a viable option for our present families.”

We must preserve the original mission of our school. That is, we want to continue to provide a quality education for working class families at an affordable price.

In a time of many worthy requests for your charitable dollar, please know that your support of Roselle Catholic, in any amount, will truly make a difference in the lives of our students. 

Thank You!