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One For One Campaign


The One For One Campaign is a critical alumni-centric solution for a growing concern we have at Roselle Catholic. This concern, one that faces many Catholic schools, is a Major Gap in our Tuition Cost versus the True Cost of Educating a Student at Roselle Catholic.

Our current Tuition is $11,250 but the cost of giving our students the Roselle Catholic Experience and Education is closer to $13,000.
To Close The Gap we are starting a very focused and ambitious campaign to try to generate $1,000 for each of the 350 plus students currently in our building. This $1,000 is NOT a tuition discount or financial aid. his $1,000 is meant to Close The Gap between our Tuition Cost and our True Cost of Education. 
We understand that this campaign will take time to become successful.  By Closing The Gap with this campaign we hope to be able to keep our already high tuition costs from rising even higher.  
We know the families of our students make tremendous sacrifices for their children to be able to attend Roselle Catholic. These families are struggling to meet the current tuition at RC.  We fear that additional tuition increases will limit the number of families in our area that can afford to send their children to Roselle Catholic.

Tom Berrios
Principal / President
Roselle Catholic High School
You can donate now to the Annual Fund, conveniently and securely.

All donations of any amount are tax deductible.

If you prefer to make a donation the “old school” method, please make a check payable to Roselle Catholic One For One Campaign, and send to:
Roselle Catholic High School
Office of Development
350 Raritan Road
Roselle, NJ  07203
Many companies offer a matching gift program which could benefit Roselle Catholic.  If so, please contact your Human Resources Department for a matching gift form and submit with your gift to the Office of Development, 350 Raritan Road, Roselle, New Jersey 07203. For more information, please contact the Dave Boff, Director of Development, at dboff@rosellecatholic.org or (908) 445-7901.