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Ways To Give

Without a dependable, alternative stream of income the school is heavily dependent on tuition and fees to cover annual operating costs.

Currently, almost 82% of RC’s operating costs are covered by tuition and student fees.  Your contribution allows RC to keep tuition levels in line with what our community can afford.

Dr. Stickles believes that what is at stake is the original mission of our school. “Roselle Catholic High School was founded to educate the children of hard working parents who were willing to sacrifice for the betterment of their children’s future by providing a value-based, Catholic educational experience,” he said. “We must do everything possible to ensure that an RC education remains an manageable option for  those parents who want their children to come here.”

We must preserve the original mission of our school. That is, we want to continue to provide a quality education for middle-class families at an affordable price.

Here are the ways you can help maintain the mission of RC:

Annual Fund
The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and operating expenses, reducing RC's dependency on tuition-generated revenues, keeping tuition as affordable as possible.
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Pride of the Lions Athletic Fund
The purpose of the Pride of The Lions Fund is to underwrite the annual athletic budget, as well as to fund long-deferred improvements to the school’s athletic facilities.
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Founding Families Tuition Assistance Program
The Founding Families program provides tuition assistance to a deserving, financially needy student given in the name someone you which to pay tribute.

Green, Gold, and White Scholarship (GCHS Alumnae)
A Girls Catholic sponsored scholarship that helps finance the tuition of a female student, currently a member of the student body, who is in need of financial aide to be able to continue to attend Roselle Catholic.

All contributions to Roselle Catholic are tax deductible.
For your convenience, you can donate safely and easily online by clicking the following link:

Cash / Check
Send to:
Roselle Catholic High School
Attn: Office of Development
350 Raritan Road
Roselle, NJ  07203

Stocks and Securities
Donating stocks and securities can also allow you to continue the Roselle Catholic tradition. Please contact Dave Boff, Director of Development, dboff@rosellecatholic.org, or (908) 245-2350 for further information.

Corporate Matching GIfts
Please keep in mind that many companies offer a matching gift program which could benefit Roselle Catholic.  If so, please contact your Human Resources Department for a matching gift form and submit with your gift to the Office of Development, 350 Raritan Road, Roselle, New Jersey 07203.

Thank You!