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Walk-A-Thon & Wellness Day: Contributing to RC's Well being


Friday, May 19th was Walk-A-Thon & Wellness Day at Roselle Catholic!
Way back in the day at RC there were walk-a-thons. In 2016 the idea was revitalized to raise awareness for Roselle Catholic and its commitment to the practice of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.
The second annual Walk-A-Thon and Wellness Day again saw students and faculty hoofing around Warnanco Park to demonstrate their commitment to healthy living, and, not incidentally, to achieve the single biggest fund raising effort in RC’s history for the benefit of the school's scholarship fund.
The day began with a 3-mile walk to Roselle's Warinanco Park and then continued with Fitness and Wellness Activities led by a host of different experts, including the United States Marines! 
Following the walk, students and faculty returned to RC for the Wellness portion of the day, which took place on Chakey Field and in the Lions Den.

The wellness activities included:

(1) Three stations with the United States Marine Corp, who came and volunteered to put the students through various activities and exercises. 
(2) After being whipped into shape, the students convened at a learning station created and run by RC Resident HealthPro expert, Mrs. Patrone, where they learned more about the essentials of healthy living. 
(3) A stretching station with RC Basketball Trainer James Hand, who led the students through various stretches and explained the importance of flexibility
The wellness portion of the day had many active faculty participants led by Athletic Director John Ahmuty and teacher / head of RC Campus Ministry Tim Hagan, who not only joined in, but also helped coordinate the afternoon activities.
In a remarkable display of generosity, an alumnus from the Class of 1966 and his family offered to match all contributions on a 1-to-1 basis, which turned into $600,000, by far the largest single fundraising success in school history!
All of the day's proceeds will be dedicated to financial aid for deserving students.
Thanks to Dave Boff and Michelle Campbell of our Development Office, to President-Principal Tom Berrios, to our students and faculty who participated in what was an incredible day for RC, all made possible by the generous support of parents, donors and sponsors!

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Thanks To These Event Sponsors

Robert Wood Johnson
RC Mothers Club
Cento Amici
Alaris Health
Cheng Insurance Associates
Investors Bank
Willis King
Jerry King
Tom Libonate
Bob Stickles
Ray Dusman
John Hoffman
Pete Lyons