On Friday, February 1st, Roselle Catholic's  Advanced Placement Biology class was invited to the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  The trip was arranged by RC Science Department Chair Bernadette DeLaurie, who has for many years taught our AP Bio class with great results.
The students had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Dr. Shridan Ganesan, MD, PhD, followed by a tour of their research facility.  Dr. Ganesan is a medical oncologist and also directs a research lab in breast cancer biology at CINJ. 
It was an incredible learning opportunity for the AP Biology students because they were able to interact with the lecturer several times during the presentation. Dr. Ganesan explained the significance of cellular communication which happened to be the current learning unit for these students. 
The interactive lecture allowed the students to apply their knowledge of abstract concepts. The tour of the labs was also significant because many of the AP Biology students are planning a career in the health field and they were provided a rare glimpse of a research lab.  
The invitation by CINJ to return again next year was readily accepted !