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Retreat Programs

Retreats are offered for all four years.  They are an optional, but very popular part of life at Roselle Catholic.  We use the Marist Brothers Retreat House  in Esopus, NY, right on the Hudson River, a beautiful spot to which our students always want to return.

Freshman Esopus – One of the major concerns in the successful transition to high school is the making of new friends.  Before the first full day of classes, all incoming freshmen are invited to participate in the Esopus weekend, giving them the opportunity to meet their classmates, some of the upperclassmen and many of the faculty.  Through organized games, activities and discussions, our new Freshmen begin to bond as a class and individual friendships are able to be formed.  Upon returning home, students now have the ability to recognize new friends as they enter classes or the cafeteria.  This program continues to be not only formative, but also most impressionable.  Our upperclassmen continue to confirm that friendships made during this weekend last throughout their high school years.

Sophomore Retreat – During the fall semester of Sophomore year, students are given the opportunity to more fully explore the concepts of friendship on a deeper spiritual level.  It is a chance to examine knowledge of self and peer relationships.  Guided by upperclassmen and faculty, students come to a better understanding of human relationships.
Junior Retreat - In Junior year, the retreat program continues with a spiritual look at Relationships, specifically the one-on-one love relationships that help form the basis of future commitments.  In a combination of light activities and serious discussion, a thought-provoking dialogue is begun.  Participants are encouraged to continue this dialogue, upon returning home, with parents, faculty and other significant adults in their lives.

Senior Retreat - During the spring semester of the Senior year, the issue of “Transition” is once again at the forefront for Seniors preparing to move on to college.  Students are invited for one last trip to Esopus, to honor the experiences they’ve come through together, and to look ahead to the future.  This retreat is a chance for Seniors to explore together their doubts and fears, recount the strengths and wisdom they’ve gained from each other, as they discuss and share their excitement and anticipation about the future.  

Marist Youth Encounter Christ – Open to those in the junior and senior year, Encounter is a program of deeper four day retreats, with students from the other Marist schools in the NY/NJ area.   Encounter is held three times a year; RC usually brings 10-12 students to each of these retreats.