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Welcome Message From Bob Stickles, '66

Greetings, Roselle Catholic and Girls Catholic Alumni !

For many of us, our high school years in Roselle, either on 4th Avenue or on Raritan Road, provided a solid foundation upon which we built the rest of our lives. To be sure, much of that foundation consisted of the things we learned. But an equally important part of that foundation was the experience of camaraderie and friendship we then enjoyed.

While our high school years are over (for some of us, long over), that sense of belonging continues. We remain friends. This Alumni section of our website looks to foster those friendships and to further our connection to Roselle Catholic and Girls Catholic, places where the spirit of Catholic education helped make us the people we are.

Our Alumni Association exists to strengthen that connection. I am delighted that John Hoffman, '69, a member of a distinguished RC / GC family, is leading the Alumni Association as its President. I urge you to join John in support of the Alumni Association, to visit the school and the website often, and to help us produce even more alumni for generations to come.

Best regards,
Bob Stickles, '66
President Emeritus
Roselle Catholic High School