Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2013-2014 school year will be $9850.  There is also a Registration Fee:  $325 for students registering for the first time, and $300 for returning students. There is also a $200 Fundraising  Fee and a $75 Technology Fee.  Finally, for Seniors, there is a $125 Graduation Fee to cover the costs of processing final transcripts and the diploma.

So, total charges for the 2013-2014 school year are as follows:
$10,425 for Sophs and Juniors
$10,450 for Freshmen and Transfers
$10,550 for Seniors

Note that a $200 credit (cancelling out the Fundraising Fee) is available to those who contribute their time to certain Parents' Club fundraising activities.

There are also discounts available to families with more than one student in attendance.  The second student receives a discount of $500, the third. $1000.

FACTS Online Payment Plan

Roselle Catholic uses the FACTS Online Tuition Payment Plan, through which our tuition and fees are billed and collected. Every student must have a FACTS account.

Every student also has a Tuition Contract with the school, specificing payment terms. There are three payment plans.  The first is a one-time payment in full prior to the start of the school year,  for which a credit of $250 is given.  The second is payment in full with two payments, half at the start of the school year in 2013 and half at the start of the second semester in January 2014.  The third is an eleven-month plan, whereby payment is made in monthly payments, starting in June, 2013 and ending in April 2014.  

For returning students selecting this monthly plan, all fees are paid pro rata, spead out in equal shares over the entire eleven-month payment period.  

For new students (incoming Freshmen and Transfers), the initial registration fee of $325 is due at the time of registration;  other fees are paid pro rata, spread out in equal shares over the entire eleven- month payment period.

For details about FACTS, click here.

Enrolling Freshmen Receive a FREE Nexus7 Tablet

Once again thanks to the generosity of an alumnus, all incoming Roselle Catholic freshmen, future Class of 2017, will be given this cutting edge technology to enhance their educational experience, while saving the cost over time of purchasing required course literature.
Incoming freshmen will be able to download works of literature, textbook supplements and other course materials for free or at reduced prices, saving money for all four years of high school, college and well beyond.

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