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Need-Based Financial Aid

The Tuition Assistance Program
We provide  a limited number of tuition reduction grants to qualified students with serious financial need. The total amount of these tuition reduction grants varies from year to year, depending on circumstances.  These grants are for one year only;  a student's family must submit a new application for each school year.

To assist  the school in determining financial need, the school administration uses the services of an external agency, the  Private School Aid Service (PSAS).  The PSAS supplies an applying familiy with an application form that calls for the submission of infomation (e.g. tax returns) about its financial situation.        

After reviewing all of the applications received, PSAS provides the school administration with  an analysis which shows which of the applying students have the greatest need.  The school administration then determines the toal amount of tuition reductions to be granted and which students are to receive one. Tuition reductions based on the PSAS anayysis typically range from $500 to $2000.

It is the responsibility of the family every year to request an application for tuition assistance, complete the application and mail it to PSAS.   For those families with more than one child in the school, only one application is required.   PSAS charges a nominal fee for the application, which is the family's responsibility.

For the link to PSAS >> CLICK HERE  

If you prefer to apply by mail, an application can also be secured from Mrs. Nancy Fischetti, our Registrar, at the school, or by downloading a PDF copy of the application by clicking the links below.

If you DOWNLOAD the PDF copy of the application you MUST and save it to your computer before filling it out. To properly complete the form and ensure the information is recorded correctly, you must open it within Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. (get.adobe.com/reader)  DO NOT “view” the PDF and attempt to complete it in your browser. This will result in an unusable PDF and/or improperly recorded information.

Please note: the PDF is NOT an online application, it is an electronic version of the PSAS paper application.

To download an application >> CLICK HERE

Criteria for Determining Eligibility for Financial Aid
The most important cirterioin is financial need as demonstrated by the required information submitted to PSAS. All information will be held in strict confidence.

Prospective students must have taken the Entrance Examination and been notified of acceptance.

Returning students must have satisfactory records of academics, discipline and attendance.
These records will be reviewed periodically and if found deficient, an adjustment in the amount of
tuition assistance will be made.

Application Procedures
Parents or guardians should obtain a PSAS Student Aid Form from the Roselle Catholic General  
Office. They should then retun to the school  a completed application form along with (A) a signed copy of that year's  IRSForm 1040, 1040A or or 1040EZ; (B) copies of that year's  W2 forms from all employers and/or privately owned business; (C) the processing fee. Because processing time can be 3-6 weeks, and
because grants are made on a first-come first-serve basis, an early submission is best. 

Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children (SFIC)
The SFIC, an arm of the Archdiocese of Newark provides children in need with the opportunity for a quality, values-based education in a safe environment.  The fund provides partial-tuition scholarships to economically disadvantaged children attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese, including Roselle Catholic. Scholarship awards are based upon need without regard to race, religion or ethnicity.
Applications for SFIC assistance are made directly to the Fund itself.  For more information, click on the link: www.sficnj.org.