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Unique Curriculum

RC HealthPro: A Pre-Professional Health Studies Program

Roselle Catholic is proud to announce the launch of RC HealthPro, under the direction of RC faculty member Ms. Josephine Patrone, RN.  For this current 2014-2015 school year, RC HealthPro is an elective for Seniors, but it will become a four-year sequence beginning with the incoming freshman class in September 2015.  

RC HealthPro provides students a grounding in the basics of the allied health fields.  In addition to their Science studies, HealthPro students will take a class each day in hands-on activities that will complement those studies, and prepare them for college-level work.  Alumni acting as program advisors include Dr. Richard Cambria, RC ’69, and Dr. Matthew Nock, RC ’91, both members of the faculty at Harvard University.

For more information and the application to this program, download here.

RC Business Seminar
The Business Seminar program begins in the Freshman Year, with our one-semester course for all our Freshmen  in Financial Literacy.  Last year, selected on the basis of their performance in the Financial Literacy class, certain Sophomores were invited to join the Business Seminar, which met  monthly,  taught by Roselle Catholic alumni with respected credentials in the  Business World.  

The first session was taught by Richard Sweeney, RC ’66 (pictured here, seated at right), a co-founder of Keurig Inc., the producer of the world’s best selling single-cup coffee brewer.

The program is slated to expand this year to include Juniors as well as Sophomores, with Seniors to be added next school year. Among the Seminar's advisors is Professor Katia Passserini, Dean of the Honors College at NJIT.
Digitial Publication Club
We’ve established a new Digital Publication Club (known as the “D Pub Club”).  Students are assigned to various events – academic and extracurricular alike - to take photos, shoot videos, conduct interviews, and write stories. They then meet back in our Digital Publication Room and our MAC Computer Lab to edit and photo-shop their work, to be published on our website and elsewhere.  We’re particularly excited about our new affiliation with “Write on Sports,” (www.writeonsports.org), a non-profit organization that works to improve students’ writing skills through sports reporting.  Alumni advisors for the D Pub Club include Tom Libonate, RC ’64, an accomplished marketing agency professional, and John Cerra, RC’78, an experienced photographer.
International Program
We live in a global society, and our students benefit from getting to know other students from around the world.   So we are consciously enrolling international students, to give RC that desired diversity.  This year we have twenty-five international students, from Gabon and Senegal in Africa and from China and Vietnam in Asia.  We expect to add additional international students in the years to come.  We are advised in this effort by a faculty alumnus, Patrick Gallagher, one of RC’s first faculty members, who meets on a regular basis with our internationals to help them with their English.