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Honors & Advanced Placement

Honors Courses

All of our courses in the core areas (English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language and Religion), as well as Art, offer Honors sections, which feature advanced material and heightened student responsibilities.  Students in Honors sections receive a weighted grade that reflects these additional commitments.  Selection for Honors sections is based on student achievement in previous related coursework and teacher recommendations.

AP Courses

Roselle Catholic offers a number of Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by The College Board.  The College Board is a non-profit organization that controls the designation " Advanced Placement" and authorizes its use where a high school course meets stringent standards in content and instructional methodology.  Given those high standards,  Advanced Placement courses are deemed at least the equivalent of a freshman college course, and so many colleges give credit or other consideration for an acceptable performance on  Advanced Placement examinations, which are prepared and graded by The College Board at the end of every school year.

For many of our students, the AP program is an important part of their RC experience. We typically see 5% to 10%  of our graduating class earn the  "AP Scholar" designation from The College Board, reflecting  stellar performance on at least three AP exams. As of the testing completed in May 2013,  fifteen of our students were named "AP Scholars."

The College Board has authorized Roselle Catholic to offer the following AP courses.

AP Biology
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP French
AP Literature and Composition
AP Language and Composition
AP Psychology
AP Spanish
AP Studio Art
AP United States History