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School Day and Course Offerings

Our school day consists of a Homeroom period followed by seven class periods.  Our Period 5 is longer than the other six, to allow for lunch.   All students take seven classes, and are scheduled to be in a particular class ( or lunch) every minute of the day.  There is no "free time," and once they arrive for the day, students are not permitted to leave the building until 2:05, when the class day ends.

Roselle Catholic offers the following courses.  Those marked with a "+" designation include Honors sections.  Courses designated "AP" are Advanced Placement courses specifically approved by The College Board which are the equivalent of a college course in that subject matter.  (Please note that we offer courses through the "Virtual High School," an on-line program to which we belong, which is described more fully in the "Technology" section of this website;  go to Academics > Technology )

English I: Literary Genres +
English II:  American Literature +
English III:  British +
English IV: World Literature +
AP Literature and Composition
AP Language and Composition
Creative Writing
Effective Speaking

Fine Arts
Introduction to Graphic Design
Advanced Graphic Design
Art Survey
Advanced Art I+
Advanced Art II +
AP Studio Art

Social Studies
American History I+
American History II+
AP American History
AP European History
AP Psychology
Personal Finance
Western Civilization+
Civics/Fiscal Literacy
Sports and Society

Advanced Mathematics+
Algebra I+,
Algebra II+
Geometry +
Calculus +
AP Calculus

Physical Education
CPR/First Aid
Driver Education
Drug Education
Physical Education I
Physical Education II
Physical Education III
Physical Education IV

Religious Education
Religious Education I+
Religious Education II+
Religious Education III+
Religious Education IV+
Advanced Biology+
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
Advanced Chemistry +
Earth Science
Science and Society

World Languages
AP Spanish 
AP French
Spanish I+
Spanish II+,
Spanish III*+
Spanish IV+
French I+
French II+
French III+
French IV +

Computer Programming
Introduction to Multi-Media Design*