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College & Guidance Counseling

Almost all of our students go on to some form of college education upon their graduation from RC. (Indeed, in recent years, our graduates have earned acceptance to some of the best colleges and universities in the country.) And so one of the major concerns of our Guidance Department is to help each of our students prepare for the college application experience. That begins with Freshman Year; each of our  students is assigned a specific Guidance Counselor  whose job it is to facilitate the best possible high school experience for the student, followed by a successful transition to the best possible college.

Toward that end, our counselors meet with their students on a regular basis to monitor their academic performance and systematically to plan their academic program from year to year.

Of course, students have concerns other than academic ones, and our Guidance Department addresses those concerns in a number of ways. For example, we have a Peer Leadership program, whereby, in a small group setting, carefully  trained upperclassmen, under Guidance Department supervision, help the Freshmen and Sophomores adjust to high school life.  Similarly, our counselors run small groups (often in co-operation with other faculty members) that address specific concerns, like bereavement. And our counselors assist in our retreat programs, where personal adjustment issues are often addressed. In these and other ways, our Guidance Department works to make the RC experience as positive as possible for each individual student. 

The Department includes Director Robert O'Connor (pictured here), forty years at RC who runs our testing programs as well as counseling students , Counselors Julie LaBrutto, '90, David Stoto, '81 and Administrative Assistant Kara Mongiovi.

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