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Academic Philosophy

The philosophy of Roselle Catholic High School, a college preparatory regional high school in the Archdiocese of Newark, is based on the Catholic Tradition of education as expressed by the Marist Brothers of the Schools.  Following in the tradition of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, we are dedicated men and women who believe that when educating young people, it is first necessary to love them.  As such, we recognize that each student is valuable and unique.  At Roselle Catholic, we strive to live and work as a Christian community marked by care, mutual respect and discipline.  Inspired by Saint Marcellin, we strive to educate our students to be good Christians and good citizens.
We believe that our primary responsibility is to provide every student the maximum opportunity for personal development. 

We teach our students to understand and apply ethical principles and values and prepare them for satisfying, productive work. 

We instill in our students recognition of their intrinsic worth and understanding of their strengths and limitations. 

We strive to deepen our students’ appreciation of diversity and encourage them to learn from one another.

We are strongly committed to service in the larger community.
Through our academic programs, we seek to empower our students through discovery and by teaching them information, critical thinking skills, self discipline, and effective communication. 

We aspire to instill in our students a literary, cultural, scientific, and an aesthetic appreciation as well as a respect for the spiritual and physical dimensions of every human being. 

We foster informed and responsible use of technology for academic, personal, social, and creative purposes.
We believe that dedicated administrators, faculty, and staff are indispensable in the implementation of our philosophy.  Committed educators serve as role models for students who are learning to meet their daily challenges and striving to reach their full potential.
We encourage and invite parental involvement and support to complement our work.  We foster a rapport with parents through on-going interpersonal and electronic communication and provide them with educational and social opportunities.
At Roselle Catholic, we strive to instill in our students a desire for lifelong learning, a commitment to excellence, a profound appreciation of religious values, and a realization that the ultimate teacher is oneself.