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President's Welcome

I first set foot on the Roselle Catholic campus fifty-plus years ago, in 1962,  a nervous frosh from Roselle Park, on  Orientation Day for the Class of 1966.  That, obviously, was a long time ago.  I've had plenty of good things happen to me since, including the opportunity to study at some of the finest universities in the world.  And when I think about those  good things, it always occurs to me that none of them might have happened except for my experience at RC, which I consider to be  the biggest break I ever got.
In that, I am not alone.  Our thousands of  alumni can be found in every corner of American life, successful in the professions, in business,  in the arts, in schools and universities, in the armed forces and other government service, and just about everywhere else you can think of.  Almost all of them had modest origins, coming from hard working, middle class families, with no silver spoons in sight.  And most of them will tell you, as I have just told you, that the experience that launched them, that made the real difference in their lives,  was their time here at RC.
That experience is still available to today's generation of students and their families looking for a values-based education founded on faith in a loving God, strong in academics and athletics and the extras, and conducted in a safe and caring environment where all can be themselves, whatever that might be. Our mission continues unabated. As RC was for me and those of my generation, so it is today for our current students, and will continue to be for those  fortunate to follow them.
Thank you for visiting us.
Dr. Robert Stickles, '66,  Ed.D., J.D.