350 Raritan Road Roselle, NJ 07203
(908) 245-2350

Mission & Spirit

The Roselle Catholic Mission is to ensure that all our students embrace a commitment to fully develop their intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual potential through the guidance and direction of talented and dedicated educators.Seeking to instill in our students the mastery of skills and knowledge they will need  in a complex world, we empower them to be successful, responsible and ethical citizens.

Dedication to our mission generates the Roselle Catholic spirit, which  can be felt throughout our hallways, within our classrooms, in the cafeteria, in the gym, out on the fields, and just about everywhere else.  

There is a true sense of pride that comes with being a  part of the Roselle Catholic community, a community born of a welcoming and  nurturing environment, where it’s easy and comfortable to fit in and succeed.

Most importantly, that Roselle Catholic spirit generates what Theologian Marcus Borg calls "a thin spot,"  one of the places in our lives where, one way or another, this world and the divine world somehow intersect.  Most of us who have gone through this place have a sense that in some way, God reached out and touched us here - perhaps not dramatically so, but effectively so nonetheless.  It's often said that God usually touches us through other people, and He has touched many of us through our time in the community here at RC.