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History & Tradition

In 1959 forty-three young men walked through the doors of Roselle Catholic High School because their parents dreamed of giving them an education that would last a lifetime. Times may have changed. Students may have changed. The mission remains the same.


Roselle Catholic High School (then known as St. Joseph's High School) opened its doors for the first time on Spetember 10, 1959, on the grounds of St.  Joseph Parish in Roselle, New Jersey.  Its founder was Msgr. James Carberry, then St. Joseph's pastor.  Shortly thereafter, the school was designated as a regional high school by the Archdiocese of Newark, and it moved to its permanent location on Raritan Road in Roselle in 1962.  Its first class graduated in June 1963.

Roselle Catholic enrolled  its first female students, both Freshmen and transfers, on September 8, 1983. Our first co-educational class graduated in June 1984, and the school has been co-ed ever since.

From the very beginning, life at Roselle Catholic has been informed by the work of the Marist Brothers (about whom, see "Marist Mission" on this website).  Dozens of the Brothers have served, and continue to serve, the school in a variety of capacities, and the Marist charism has always influenced the school's philosophy and practices.

Today, Roselle Catholic is one of seven regional high schools in the Archdiocese of Newark. Coming here from all over the area,  its student body, approximately 450 young women and men, is racially and ethnically diverse and divided evenly between the genders.  The school is governed by a President, under the supervision of the Archdiocese's Superintendent of Schools and advised by a Consultative School Board.  The faculty and staff, approximately fifty in number, include many of our own graduates, as well as graduates of Girls Catholic High School of Roselle, RC's "sister school" back in the early days.


Roselle Catholic has a tradition of academic excellence.  Our graduates have attended some of the nation's finest colleges and universities and gone on to successful careers in the learned professions, in business, and elsewhere.

Roselle Catholic has a tradition of athletic excellence Our teams have won countless county and state championships in a variety of sports.  Our individual athletes have garnered numerous distinctions, and many have enjoyed distinguished athletic careers at the college level.

Roselle Catholic has a tradition of service.  Our Campus Ministry program has long promoted a concern for those in need and a dedication to social justice.

Roselle Catholic has a tradition of tolerance.  Here, all are free to be as God made them.

Finally, and most importantly, Roselle Catholic has a tradition of faith.  We study, learn and play together, but first thing every morning, we pray together.