Administration & Faculty Directory


We proudly note that many members of our administration, faculty and staff are Roselle Catholic
and Girls Catholic (GC,1967-83) graduates, as indicated by their class year.

Dr. Robert Stickles ’66
Assistant Principal - Student Affairs  
Patrick Hagan ’71
Assistant Principal - Academics  
Martha Konczal
Assistant Principal - Student Activities  
Maureen Murin
Director of Admissions  
Erin Sisk '06
Director of Athletics  
Joseph Skrec ‘84
Director of Development  
Patrick Collins
Technology Specialist  
Karl Pedde
Administrative Assistant/Registrar  
Nancy Fischetti GC ‘73
Donna Kropa GC ‘71, Chair
Marlene Stoto, Chair
Wendy Castellano
Lorraine Marusiefski
Maureen Murin
Mary K Schumacher ‘86
David Stoto ‘81
Pietro ("Pete") Ciliberto ‘92, Chair
Barbara DiMarco
Daniel Sullivan ‘74
Phyllis Wischusen GC ‘68
Physical Education  
Jeanette Rondeau, Chair
Joseph Kropa
Joseph Skrec ‘84
Joanne Gessner, Chair
Christopher Clesca ‘06
Timothy Hagan ‘03
Josephine Patrone
Erin Sisk ‘06
Bernadette DeLaurie, Chair
Dr. Patrick Aiello
Michael Kennedy ‘05
Josephine Patrone
Social Studies  
Linda Lynch ‘87, Chair
Christopher Clesca ‘06
Francine Galante
John Schmitt ‘68
Dr. Robert Stickles ‘66
Wendy Castellano
Luizette Armise
World Languages  
Kim Castellano, Chair
Maria Lago
Daniel Moraske
Robert O'Connor, Chair
Julie LaBrutto ‘90
David Stoto ‘81
Focus Room  
Anna Mary Yeager
Campus Ministry  
Maureen Hagan GC ‘72
Office of Athletics  
Laura Skrec ‘84
Development & Alumni Relations Office  
Patrick Collins
Guidance Office  
Kara Mongiovi
Business Office  
Brother Donald Richard, FMS
James Cole '66
Erin Sweeney GC ‘76
General Office  
Debra Paczowski
School Nurse  
LeSean Moore