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(908) 245-2350

Administration & Faculty Directory


We proudly note that many members of our administration, faculty and staff are Roselle Catholic
and Girls Catholic (GC,1967-83) graduates, as indicated by their class year.                                

Thomas Berrios tberrios@rosellecatholic.org
President Emeritus  
Dr. Robert Stickles ’66 rstickles@rosellecatholic.org
Assistant Principal - Student Affairs  
Joe Skrec ’84 jskrec@rosellecatholic.org
Assistant Principal - Academics  
Martha Konczal mkonczal@rosellecatholic.org
Director of Admissions  
Christopher Clesca '06 cclesca@rosellecatholic.org
Director of Athletics  
John Ahmuty jahmuty@rosellecatholic.org
Director of Development  
Dave Boff dboff@rosellecatholic.org
Technology Specialist  
Karl Pedde kpedde@rosellecatholic.org
Administrative Assistant/Registrar  
Nancy Fischetti GC ‘73 nfischetti@rosellecatholic.org
Donna Kropa GC ‘71, Chair dkropa@rosellecatholic.org
Maureen Murin, Chair mmurin@rosellecatholic.org
Lorraine Marusiefski lmarusiefski@rosellecatholic.org
Mary K Schumacher ‘86 mkschumacher@rosellecatholic.org
Pietro ("Pete") Ciliberto ‘92, Chair pciliberto@rosellecatholic.org
Barbara DiMarco bdimarco@rosellecatholic.org
Daniel Sullivan ‘74 dsullivan@rosellecatholic.org
Phyllis Wischusen GC ‘68 pwischusen@rosellecatholic.org
Physical Education  
Jeanette Rondeau, Chair jrondeau@rosellecatholic.org
Joseph Kropa jkropa@rosellecatholic.org
Thomas Berrios, Chair tberrios@rosellecatholic.org
Christopher Clesca ‘06 cclesca@rosellecatholic.org
Timothy Hagan ‘03 thagan@rosellecatholic.org
Josephine Patrone jpatrone@rosellecatholic.org
Kristina Shipe '08 kshipe@rosellecatholic.org
Bernadette DeLaurie, Chair bdelaurie@rosellecatholic.org
Michael Kennedy ‘05 mkennedy@rosellecatholic.org
Josephine Patrone jpatrone@rosellecatholic.org
Social Studies  
Linda Lynch ‘87, Chair llynch@rosellectholic.org
Christopher Clesca ‘06 cclesca@rosellecatholic.org
Francine Galante fgalante@rosellecatholic.org
Linda Sees lsees@rosellecatholic.org
Theresa Hrindo '10 thrindo@rosellecatholic.org
Kimberly Castellano kjcastellano@rosellecatholic.org
World Languages  
Kim Castellano, Chair kjcastellano@rosellecatholic.org
Maria Lago mlago@rosellecatholic.org
Daniel Moraske dmoraske@rosellecatholic.org
Julie LaBrutto ‘90, Chair jlabrutto@rosellecatholic.org
Kathleen Skeehan kskeehan@rosellecatholic.org
Focus Room  
Anna Mary Yeager amyeager@rosellecatholic.org
Campus Ministry  
Maureen Hagan GC ‘72 mhagan@rosellecatholic.org
Office of Athletics  
Laura Skrec ‘84 lskrec@rosellecatholic.org
Development & Alumni Relations Office  
Michelle Campbell mcampbell@rosellecatholic.org
Guidance Office  
Kara Mongiovi kmongiovi@rosellecatholic.org
Business Office  
Brother Donald Richard, FMS brotherdonald@rosellecatholic.org
James Cole '66 jcole@rosellecatholic.org
Erin Sweeney GC ‘76 esweeney@rosellecatholic.org
General Office  
Debra Paczowski dpaczkowski@rosellecatholic.org
School Nurse  
LeSean Moore lmoore@rosellecatholic.org